I never expected anyone else to notice the difference in me when I started training but really early on people started commenting on how much my body had changed and how much fitter I look

Reaching fitness goals and achieving body confidence is not always easy, the worthwhile things never are, but those things you work hardest to get are often the most precious. We certainly view good health as precious and that is what we focus on here at BODYZONE.

Eat Right, Train Right, Feel Right 



Choose from our various Personal Training sessions and packages or Outdoor Bootcamps. We run varied fitness sessions that are tailored to the individual and push you to reach your health and fitness goals, with lots of support along the way. There are different approaches and you can read more about the types of training we do below.


With both trainers coming from an Army and high level sporting background, we know how to work to our limits and we'll teach you to work to yours.  You WILL achieve more than you thought you could, and you will want more! 

Don't want to do it on your own? Bring a friend or 2 to do it with you. We can train up to 3 people as well as 1 to 1's in our studio, Fit Camps can be up to 25. 

Changes don't happen overnight. We want to work with clients who really want to commit to the training, as you are the ones that we can truly make a difference to. We bring the motivation, if you bring the commitment! We want clients who are going to be there week in, week out, ready to reach their goals and take on challenges that we give you. Is that you? If so, then take advantage of our massive block booking discounts and get ready to make a real change to your life. Get that body you have dreamed about. Hit your strength targets. Feel the buzz of being super healthy. Be the fit friend. Feel good in your clothes, in your wedding dress? Whatever it is you want to achieve, we will help you do it.


If you want to hit the ground running, why not consider our 6 or 12 week Body Blitz Programme. That's 3 personal training sessions every week for, with fitness tests, full support, free group sessions thrown in if you want them and discounted health products. Check out the details Here


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Strength training is the most important type of training you can do, no matter your age or gender. It involves weight training, bodyweight exercises and plyometrics (jump training). It will improve your strength, optimise calorie burn, improve balance, build muscle, prevent and reverse muscle wastage in older people and improve bone density.


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Our circuits are made up of various exercises and intensity levels. Think interval training vs resistance training in short 20 - 30 minute sessions. This is a great way to get fit. Although the sessions are shorter than you would normally spend in a gym, they are far more effective as they ensure you work to your max.


The mixture of strength training and high intensity circuits keeps your body guessing, making it burn more calories and this continues for up to 24 hours after your workout, making it the most effective way to lose weight.... lets be honest, it beats pounding the boring treadmill in the gym. 


Why not do one of our body blast sessions in your lunchbreak and still have time to get food afterwards.

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Jump training!! Sounds fun right? It is. But it is also a really great way to work out. Actually it isn't just jump training, there are other movements that form plyometric workouts. The purpose behind them is to increase power! This will benefit your balance and help prevent injury. Click here for a more technical explaination about how it works.

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We know that sometimes it is more motivating to do a workout with others - whether its to share the pain or ignite your cometitive streak. So why not bring a friend or two and share the cost as well? Or come along to our outdoor Fit Camps that run throughout the week. It is a friendly group that works really hard. Whether you are just starting out or you are already super fit .... This is the one for you. Be YOUR best!


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I feel so much more awake and aware of myself since I started training.

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