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Had deep oscillation therapy with Dee following a bad grade 2 tear to my calf. After being immobile in a leg brace for 5 weeks I had 2 treatments one week apart and it was amazing. The effects were immediately noticeable but even more so in the days that followed. The treatment subsided the calf pain and also helped with swelling and tightness. Two weeks after my last treatment I was back to high intensive interval training and running, something the NHS said would take months.      Thanks Dee!!



Thank you for taking the time to see me , I know that different patients heal at different rates but after one session my groin and hip feel almost as good as new and by following your set exercises I have had NO repeats of ANY symptoms I had prior to your electric treatment. Why this is not widely shouted about i do not know. Many thanks once again and i hope word spreads like wildfire.




I broke my ankle badly 14 weeks ago, and had it pinned and plated. I was non weight bearing for 7 weeks, then partial for another 6. Since being full weight bearing I've had to use at least one crutch. I lost a significant amount of muscle in thigh and calf and the internal scar tissue across my ankle joint meant I had a poor range of moment. This has led to knee and back pain trying to compensate for the stiff ankle. I've been having conventional physiotherapy for 7 weeks.

A friend recommended I see Dee and have some oscillation therapy. My physio hadn't heard of it and recommended I didn't bother. The consultant surgeon who carried out the operation did know about this therapy - his view was that it wouldn't do any harm, but probably wouldn't do much good.

I've just returned home from my first session of oscillation therapy and have ditched the crutch. My range of movement is significantly better, it doesn't feel like I have wadding around my ankle any more. My range of movement on a scale of 1-10 going into the therapy was about 3, now it feels more like 5 or 6, which I'm very, very pleased about. Really looking forward to next session and a future without limping.



I am completely amazed with the therapy I have been having with Dee. I have suffered for years and years with Arthritis, there are things I haven't been able to do for much of that time as it was too painful and I spent everyday in some level of pain or discomfort, I avoided walking too far and bending. But after my first treatment, I was amazed at the difference, no pain at all. This continued for the rest of the week, into the following week and the following ... it was 3 weeks before I started to feel niggles creeping back in a little but nothing like it had been previously. So I went back for another session and again, no pain. Each time it lasts a little longer than before. I feel I have been given back my life in a way and I am so thankful to have been sent Dee's way. 



"I wanted to provide a recommendation on behalf of Dee Newton. She has recently started Body Zone as a sports injury treatment and recovery specialist. I had the pleasure of utilizing her services several times over the last few years as I tried to extend my rugby career well into my golden years. Dee worked with me as I trained and ensured that I increased my flexibility which I attribute to injury prevention as well as physical recovery. During my last season, I unfortunately sustained a severe arm injury, rupturing my biceps. Dee, working with the team physician and physical therapist providing essential sports therapy massage which has been credited with decreasing permanent disabilities.


Dee’s incredible adaptability, flexibility and drive has been demonstrated with her growing list of clients. She has an ability to not only work on her clients physically but also help them regain their confidence mentally to trust their bodies post trauma.


Whether you are looking for a club therapist or a personal injury specialist, Dee Newton in my opinion is the best choice. I only wish I could find the same level of professional massage therapy since returning to the United States. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased with her."



I have had Arthritis in my left knee for a few years now that has been the cause of much pain and sleepless nights. After my first treatment with Dee I immediately saw a huge reduction in swelling. That night I did not feel any pain in my knee at all and the following day I had more movement and still no pain. I have been very impressed.



I am the Head Coach of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom Rugby Club and Dee Newton has been assisting the players in the club for the last two years with her sports massage therapy.

Many of my players throughout that time have sought her assistance through massage therapy either at the beginning, during or after the games we are involved in.

Without exception they have all reported exceptionally beneficial results from her therapy and have all seen an improvement either in their injuries or flexibility or mobility.

At the end of the 2011 / 2012 season we travelled to Paris to play a French Army team and Dee travelled with us and was an integral part of the team, not only with her massage therapy, but with her general help in other aspects of supporting the team, both players and management  structure.

Dee attends most of our  matches and even most of our training sessions free of charge and freely gives of her massage therapy and time.

Dee is also a fun person to have in the wider aspects of the rugby club and takes part in the social aspects of the club too.

I cannot recommend Dee Newton highly enough in both her Sports Massage Therapy role and as a person and she would be an asset to any organisation."



Jeremy M Law

Head Coach, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom Rugby Club



I had been suffering from severe sciatic pain in my left leg for several months; I had tried seeing a physiotherapist who just told me to stretch and excercise. After lots of stretching nothing eased, then I tried acupuncture which provided so short term relief. So I visit Dee, after a few sessions of localised treatment the problem died away, now I am pain free. I still have a treatment every month to ensure it doesn't return. I highly recommend Dee as a sports therapist.

Sonja. W


"I was coming up to the end of my pregnancy with the option of having a "sweep" to get my labour started. This particularly terrified me, so I was willing to try anything to make it happen as naturally as possible.

I knew Dee had tried reflexology techniques to encourage labour on a lady who went into labour 12 hours later. This was enough for me to give it a go. Dee ensured that I was past my due date first of all. During the session I did have some strange sensations. It was also relaxing from the aches and pains of late pregnancy.

Dee wrote down a list of techniques my partner could try during labour to help me, which was very useful. Unbelievably 12 hours later my contractions started. I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl 2 days after my due date and I am convinced Dee's intervention helped this happen for me. I would do it again."



I have suffered with Sciatica for some time and also pain from a prolapsed disk. I’ve been having sports therapy with Dee for a little while now and have always seen good improvement in pain and my movement but after trying this new therapy I was very impressed as the treatment involves no pain whatsoever and I felt immediate relief and improvement afterwards. Looking forward to the next one!

Daniel C

I never thought that anyone would notice the difference in me when I started fitness training, but really early on people started commenting on how my body had changed and how much fitter I looked. 


I feel so much more awake and aware of myself since starting training. It is so hard at the time but afterwards I feel really good and I look forward to the sessions.


I go for regular personal fitness sessions and I can really feel and see results! Great price, personal gym and great motivation highly recommend!



Kirsty. S

Having completed the 6 week body blitz package I didn't want to stop so I took out another one!!

Every session has a skill element and a varied work out, giving you a full body workout. Dee tailors your programs to what suits you, it's individual and focused just for you. What was brilliant specifically for me was the flexibility. No sign up fees, no lost classes due to shift work, no penalties! Dee makes the classes fun, with doing all the leg work for you in researching diets and different work outs. Dee doesn't up sell anything, just gives you the opportunity to improve yourself. Dee is unique in that she wants you to continue your progress for you-not necessairly with her, giving you all the workouts so you can do them after the 6 weeks and then even offers top up classes. 
There is no pressure. My sessions were pretty much all one to one at an amazing price that no one matches around here!! Also includes the extra new outdoors classes giving so much for your money. 
For me Dee motivated me and made me push myself to be able to compete a half marathon. Dee's training is relaxed and friendly, giving you ideas, variety and confidence. 
I would recommend Dee to everyone whatever your goal.



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Thank you so much for all the help you and James have given me in achieving the confidence I have to wear my dress next week. The support everyone gets from each other is a credit to you both it's an amazing boot camp.