Dee Newton

Injury Therapist, 

Strength & Conditioning coach


I have worked with a varied client base over the years, including a range of sportsmen & women. But I don't just specialise in sporting injuries, I have helped many others with a variety of non-sporting injuries and mobility issues too. I am also using my fitness and sporting experience to train others and getting great results with Strength & Conditioning training programmes.


My journey into injury rehabilitation began in 2010 when I began my training. After qualifying, I worked with the Defence Academy UK rugby team for a couple of seasons, and worked with local sports teams. I then went on create Body Zone, built a private client base and continued my training & development. In 2014 I re-located Body Zone to sunny Eastbourne where I had grown up and now have a lovely clinic in the town centre, where I am very happy to be. 

I believe that movement is key to recovering from injury so I will use a mixture of all my knowledge and skills to rehabilitate injury and get you moving more effectively.


I have been involved in serious sport myself, over the years, coaching and competing for The Army, and representing England. I am still keen on my own personal fitness and regularly train. So I know first hand how injuries impact on performance - physically and mentally, how important it is to treat them properly and to protect the body against them where possible by making ourselves strong with the correct training.


Although my background is heavily in sport, I do have a keen interest in helping clients from all walks of life, I like to keep it varied. So whatever your issue is, whether you are a sports person or you've never seen the inside of a gym before in your life - I will come up with a treatment or fitness programme tailored to you...

I look forward to meeting you."