Strength & Personal Training

Strength training is the main staple of a lot of our sessions. Anybody can do it as it is scaled to your capabilities. It's varied, it has purpose and it gets results!!!


We use all sorts of equipment - Olympic Weights, Kettlebells, Dumbells, Powerbags, Plyometric Platforms, Empty Beer Kegs, Olympic rings..... Then there are bodyweight exercises like press up's, squats, pull up's and more. 


Firstly, strength training does what it says on the tin - increases strength. You will use muscles you didn't know you had, your core strength will increase and your balance will improve. It prevents muscle loss as we age and rebuilds muscle already lost. It also helps prevent bone loss and increases bone density. 


Burns more calories - Strength training is a great way to burn fat as it continues to burn calories for 12-48 hours after your workout! Muscle tissue is metabolically active, meaning it requires a lot of energy for our bodies to maintain and is full of fat burning enzymes - so when you have more of this tissue you burn more calories at rest and when you train it, you burn even more! ….. There is a reason why weight lifters are always hungry!


Each session is tailored to the individual, so if you want to bulk up - you will, if you want to lose weight and tone - you will. With both trainers coming from an Army background, this is our playground. Come and make it yours..........